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Different things to learn about Helen Keller's life By Cara
Helen as a child

Difficult times

Helen Keller was considered a monster by relatives because of the way she acted.  That all changed when Anne came into her life.  Anne stayed with her for 50 years.
Before Anne, Helen did learn to communicate the best she could and be the time she was 7 she had invented over 60 different signs she used to talk to her family.  She was very smart.
Anne helped Helen learn a different way to communicate by teaching her the signs for the letters of the alphabet.  The first word Helen learned to "sign" was water. This opened a whole new world for Helen. 
Soon the tantrums stopped and Helen learned to read braille.  When Helen went to college, anne went with her.  While in college she wrote a book called "The Story of My Life". 

Below is the waterpump where Helen learned her first word.



Helen Keller loved animals, especially dogs.

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