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Different things to learn about Helen Keller's life By Cara
Facts on Helen Keller

You will learn different facts on Helen Keller

Helen Keller was not happy to just write in braille so she used a ruler as a guide and learned to print.


Helen Keller loved hot dogs!

Helen Keller was born June 27,1880.

In 1882 she caught a fever that was so bad she almost died.

She loved animals, especially dogs.  The first Akita dog in the US was sent to Helen from Japan in 1938.

Helen visited 39 countries in her lifetime!

Helen Keller died in 1968.

She wrote to 8 different Presidents and they wrote back to her.

Anne Sullivan stayed with Helen Keller for 50 years, and was the most important person in her life.

Helen Keller learned to read Braille.Helen Keller would feel peoples hands to know what they were trying to tell her.

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